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Bra Pads & Cups

We carry a range of Bra Pads & Cups in Black or White. We can also source specific design bra cups for you.

*(minimum quantities apply)

Bra Under-wires

There is a wide variety of Bra under-wires, V-wires & Specialty wires. Please contact us regarding your requirements.

Bra Clips, Rings, Sliders & Adjusters

We carry a range of Plastic, Plated Plastic, Dye-able Plastic Plated Metal, Plated Metal & Die cast Metal Fittings.

Plastic Bone & Wire Casing

Plastic boning can be supplied in pre-cut lengths or on rolls.

Bra Strap & Facing Elastic

Many styles of elastic designed for bra straps are available.

Bra Straps

We carry finished bra straps 7mm wide in black or white (white is dyable)